10 Business Jargons You Must Use

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There’s an old adage, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”.

The same applies to the workplace – “When in workplace, do as the professionals do”.

And the most basic thing how you should go about it is to mind your lingo and use a few jargons. That in no way means changing it altogether. You sure don’t want to sound like a complete ‘know-it-all’. But a little knowledge is not dangerous here.

You must have come across some of these jargons in the ‘cubicle farm’ or around a water cooler in the office. To start with, let’s discuss ten most common jargons you must use in the business world.

  1. Paradigm Shift – It can be defined as a major change in the way of thinking about something or doing something. The most common and the must-known phrase in the corporate world!
  2. Outside the box – This one is quite common in the office meetings- ‘You need to think outside the box’. And in order to think that way, you need to know what it means. It simply means to think from a different perspective.
  3. Kept in the loop – This is a common phrase that means to keep a person informed about what’s going on with a project or plan.
  4. IMHO – More often than not, you need to use this particular jargon, in mails or in person, which means ‘In my humble opinion’.
  5. Pushing The Envelope – This basically means to go outside of what is seen as normal corporate boundaries to attain a goal or secure a target.
  6. Win-win situation – A solution where all parties are satisfied with the results. For that matter, a situation that you are glad to come across.
  7. Open kimono – It’s a frequently used phrase in the business community. In simple words, it’s a business marketing plan that allows consumers to know what’s behind the entire operation, with no secrets kept inside the proverbial kimono.
  8. Land and expand – A strategy to sell a small solution to the client that later expands and caters to more problems in the environment surrounding the client. Frequently used strategy, right?
  9. Shoot the puppy – It simply means to dare to do the unthinkable. In other words, taking those ruthless business decisions to attain the results, no matter what.
  10. Blue-sky thinking – A visionary idea without always having a practical application. Doesn’t that sound familiar?

And, there are a lot more that you need to know to sound like a professional. And, if you’ve a few of your own, add them here.