Apple makes it big!

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#AppleLive was the talk of the town a few days back. We all were excited for the big launch but there were some set of apprehensions too. The launch was big, the social media was abuzz and the Apple fans were excited as always. Well, that was obvious indeed, given the fact that after Steve Jobs the company has been under the check.

With the new launches, Tim Cook has indeed made it big. With two big launches i.e. iPhone 6 & 6 Plus and Apple Watch, the company has certainly given us something to talk about. And as the world wide web is stormed with all kinds of reviews, here is what I loved the most in these two power products.

a. Apple Watch: It’s the debut of Apple in the world of wearables. Please note the fact that all the smart watches that have marked their presence in the market before have been a flop show. It’ll be quite a treat to see Apple Watch making it big.

b. iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus: A couple of days ago, I read this tweet and I quote “IPhone is beyond criticism, it’ll sellout anyway, it’s the Salman khan of America (sic).” I’d say I’ve got to agree with that. Even if Apple doesn’t really bring a major change in its next version, then also it’s bound to be a hit show. As per me, except the Apple Pay and a few changes here and there, it’s quite the same. And for Apple Pay, the word has it that it’s going to revolutionize the banking world. Going by these lines, I’d say hold your horses as it’s still a long way too go.

By far, Apple has indeed brought some major changes in its latest launches but whether the world is ready to accept it, it’s still a question that needs to be answered.

Until then, see ya!