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Backpacking in India

Backpacking in India
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I love travelling. And , with time, my love for travelling has only increased. So, lately I got hold of a social profile called Zostel that made me think about backpacking culture in India.

For those who are alien to the concept of backpacking, here’s a basic definition- Backpacking is a form of low-cost travelling in which you basically meet the local people as well as see the sights. It has evolved quite a lot in the recent past but it certainly is the best way to travel and know the place.

BagPacking In India

Although my busy schedule doesn’t really allow me to explore it much, yet the portal compels me to consider backpacking once a while. I know backpacking has been quite a rage in European countries but India poses many safety threats (especially for the young ladies) that need to be kept in mind.

And these safety caveats stay on but with a thorough planning you can indulge in real backpacking fun. So, this Zostel thing is a backpackers’ hostel that makes your travelling fun and economical. Also, you get to share the place with people from different countries which is kind of fun in itself.

Unfortunately, presently these zostels are in only two cities, i.e. Jaipur and Jodhpur…but I’m sure many people with sharp business minds must be thinking of opening more such hostels. Meanwhile, you can experience the hippie connect with Zostel in the above mentioned cities

The best thing that makes many say ‘yes’ for backpacking is the thrilling experience that they get. When you’re touring a country or a place, you’re mostly into sightseeing, shopping et al. But when you go for backpacking, it’s all about experiencing the real culture. They say-‘Journey is more beautiful than the destination.’ Well, only a backpacker could understand the true essence of this saying.

This journey always gets etched in your mind. The friends you make on the way, roadside fun that you have, the culture you get to know…all become a part of your everlasting memories.

Hope you do try it out soon! And if you already have, do share your experience.