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Books Shape the Primary Years of a Child

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Do you know, 90 per cent of a child’s brain is developed by the age of five? That means, his rate of development is highest during these formative or primary years. Whatever they learn at this stage goes on to stay with them for a lifetime. And, so what they listen to, speak and READ at this point of time is very crucial in making or breaking them.

Thus, books and their significance automatically gain great importance. Besides, it’s a well known fact that as children’s cognitive capacity speeds up, they are able to engage in better understanding of the world and greater degree of self reflection.

Books, in this case, work as a matchless medium to enhance child’s progress. They can help in developing a more accurate and discerning look of their world. Starting from the scratch, routine book reading facilitates a better grasp of vocabulary. And that too, so effortlessly.

Try recalling your childhood days and special story-telling nights. Could you ever forget those tales? Certainly not! Bedtime book reading is another way to bond emotionally with the child. It polishes a child’s sense and sensibility. Over the time, books stimulate a child’s imagination and foster natural curiosity. This further facilitates preschool child development. Once in school, the same book reading habit enables better exposure and retention.

That’s why, most of the popular stories with strong morals are taught during primary years. The larger objective stays the same: inculcating right morals at the right time. Only then will children be able to contemplate meaning of life and relationships in a better way.

So, try doing all that’s possible to inculcate this good habit in your child. It is a gift from you that would stay with them for their life. And, every time they have a situation in life where they need someone to lighten the path ahead, they would know where to go for help!