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Five Habits of a Book Reader

Five Habits of a Book Reader
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Hello readers! Hope you’re doing great and reading some awesome books! Though the title throws some light about the blog post, I’d be more than happy to tell you the reason for such a post. BBI Facebook is now a five lakh people community and BBI Twitter is about to hit the 5000 mark. So, we thought of weaving an online campaign titled ‘Five habits of a book reader’ that celebrates the same.

Now, I am not an avid reader to list down my five traits…but I’m certainly surrounded by book lovers who have some peculiar characteristics. Here are the five traits that I have usually witnessed in them.

1. What they read is on their face: I can always guess if the reader is reading an intense romantic fiction books or a mystery thriller. The happy, sad, tensed and surprised faces sometimes are quite obvious.

2. Quoting quotes: This one I guess no reader can help it. If they are reading a book, they will most definitely fancy-bookmarksquote it somewhere in the conversation. That most of the times leave me wondering ‘Wow! Some depth!’ before I realize that it’s the book talking.

3. Fancy bookmarks: What’s up with the fancy bookmarks? I haven’t yet understood this one. They want a nice read and a nice bookmark. And if it’s a DIY bookmark, then they gotta tell the whole world. Ever met such readers?

4. Spoil the book-into-movie for one and all: This one trait is a problem for me. They read a book, watch the movie based on it and tell the world that the movie sucks. Well, yeah book might be better but the movie isn’t always bad. It has to finish in a couple of hours or so. How many of you agree with me?

5. Plus one: They won’t step out of their place without their plus one and that is their current favorite book! Yes, it tags along to every nook and corner of the city.

I’m sure I am not saying anything new to you. If you’re a book lover, you must have admitted by now of having such traits and much more. And if you’re not a book-lover, even then you might have witnessed it in your friends who love reading books. Anyway, if you know one such person, send him this link:


Have a great day! 🙂