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Humour And Satire In DU Protest

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A few days back, our capital saw Delhi University protest against the new course structure. For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, I’m giving you the background. A while back, Delhi University proposed the idea to change the course structure and course duration, and give it a thorough makeover. According to them, from June onwards there will be no three year degree but a four year degree.

That’s the protest story. But what makes this protest stand out from the rest of them is the humour and satire that the conductors have put in it. Infact, the Joint Action Body of Delhi University has specially requested students to pass humourous slogans that go well with the subject at hand. And the students have come up with the wittiest possible lines.

‘Reform deform, knowledge porridge, meta feta, multi pulti, innovation strangulation, two-year four-year, full half-baked or poached.’ Such are the kind of slogans you could have heard if you had been anywhere around Delhi University a while back. The teachers and students put on their thinking caps and put their comic selves to use. After trying out a couple of conventional methods, they took the path of creativity and opted for humourous slogans like ‘Say No to No Say’.

Also the posters were designed based on the tradition of cartoons that drive home a point in a humorous manner, but without derision. The same is with writing too. They strictly chose it to be fresh and lively, making it different from other recent protests.

One thing that I’m sure of is that this protest is going to be remembered for a while for its humour and satire. What say?