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India In 2013: Building A Better Tomorrow

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2012 was said to be a year of calamity.
Hold on.
Year of Awakening, 2013, it is, today!

As years come and pass by, they involve us into a lot of happenings, events, achievements and setbacks. In doing so, we ride upon a whole new set of aspirations that guide us along.

This makes me wonder, is there any one, strong India of our dreams?

May be one which is poverty-free, corruption less, anti-violence and pro brotherhood? Or one which has risen above orthodoxy and conservatism? Or, taking it a step further, one which is modern, liberal state of educated, enlightened citizens?

If I were to dream of India of 2013, I would wish for a perfect amalgamation of all three. Well, by this I don’t mean that the current times depict an altogether opposite reality, but the situation surely is unfortunate. Growing crimes against women, political turmoil, untimely social or communal uproar, lack of women empowerment, child exploitation and what not! Put aside, natural calamities like famine and floods, a major disaster that hits Indian economy every year is the diminishing status of its own workforce, its much praised democracy. While we talk and build vision of a great future in every next parliamentary session, there’s a long trail of incompetence left behind.

Hopes stagger as politics hail its own misdoings. No doubt, transformation never happens overnight. But over time, it should and it must happen.

As we glide into the all new 2013, I look forward to a democracy that’s stronger and accelerating. From mere call to action, we have pure action-packed changes. Educated children, empowered women and emancipated minds. As technology and urbanisation take their toll, even rural and backward economies join into the race. Political leaders turn more goal- oriented and common masses become more learned and aware. In the upcoming global scenario, India is bound to flourish to great heights with its empowered youth and technology.

Our national machinery is already booming with the necessary assets for this new-age revolution. We just need to channelize our energy and minds in the right direction to prosper. With good motivation, resources and value-inspiring leadership, India will be amongst the top economies in times to come. As I dream this golden dream, please feel free to pool in your wonder thoughts.

Let’s see how we can all together visualise and realise a better tomorrow.