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PubliCon 2013: Views, Observations and Learning

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As you guys already know I got this opportunity to attend the PubliCon this year that is organised by Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI). Actually not only I got to attend it, but I was one of the panellists in one of its sessions. And, it was one of an experience… Like really!

So, before I start with what I want to share I’ll give you a little piece of information about the event. Well, PubliCon 2013 was the third edition in the row. Before this year, it took place in 2011 and 2012 at FICCI itself. Just so you know, FICCI is the largest and the oldest apex business organisation in India. And very recently, FICCI has come up with this separate committee called FICCI Publishing Committee. This committee is totally dedicated to cater to the business needs of the publication industry. Yes, now they are talking!

Okay, less on the inception and more on the event! So, the event was one of its kind. Well supported by National Book Trust, Federation of Publishers & Booksellers Association in India and many other Indian & International Publishers, PubliCon 2013 had eminent speakers not only from India but also from Nigeria and Bangladesh.

The main purpose of the event was to convince the leading publication industries to reach the unexplored market in Africa and South East Asia. My session being the one on ‘Monetising Content through Exports to Emerging Markets’ gave me ample opportunity to speak on it. I hope you read my views in my last blog post.

PubliCon 2013 Export MarketsNot only this, the seminar conducted also brought the focus on the legal issues such as piracy and its implications on the industry. Also, a session on ‘Indian STM Content for Africa and South Asia’ was held that dealt with the increasing demands of scientific, technical and medical books in the emerging economies.

I think they covered every aspect of publishing industry in this event that they could possibly have and that too very professionally! The event was indeed a big hit. And, the fact that I was one of the youngest speakers was in itself an experience for me.

Really looking forward to the next year!