Team Building: The Life Line For A Corporate Leader

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They say, “It’s the Captain who sails the ship”. I say, it’s the whole crew, but under the leadership of the Captain. So, a leader can’t really perform if his team does not collectively work as an entity and identify the collective goal.

According to me, it’s easy to get good players, but getting them to play together is the hard part. It’s the team members and their efforts which make one of them their leader, combined with the managing skills of the leader.

For some, team building means fun, interactive activities. For others, team building is a process in which people address and solve issues for a positive and productive work environment. For me, team building is getting the best people to work together in the best possible way, which should suit each and every member of the team. And, this essentially lies at the heart of every business. So, to be a successful corporate leader, one needs to actually lead the pack.

Motivation and friendly attitude are two things that I always keep in mind. Obviously, monetary motivation works the best for all the team members but an on and off pat on the back works well too. It is satisfying as a leader, to see your team working hard towards the collective goals that would ultimately benefit the organization.

Team building is a blend of bringing dedicated and disciplined members together, setting benchmarks, leveraging the best out of each team member through work and fun activities, positive growth roadmap for each employee and the most important, the perfect profile for each member as it is always important to enjoy work to give the best output.

As per my experience, a small mail of appreciation stating the team member’s success story works wonders for employees to work harder. I would like to end by stating the long known fact of using “We” rather than “I”, whilst referring to your team.

As Henry Ford says, “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” This is exactly what a corporate leader should be capable of.