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The Big Book Shelf

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The Book Shelf

Each one of us is suffering from ‘Big Boss’ fever. And as much as we crib about the politics and loudmouths in the show, we love to watch it every night at 9pm religiously. Well, that was about all the drama and all that jazz.

But what I’m going to mention here is a step ahead of our regular ‘Big Boss’. It’s about ‘Big Books’. Oh no! I am not mentioning that ‘Anaconda’ music by Nicki Minaj. I’m talking about the ‘The Big Book Shelf’.

Buy Books India, this month, has started a campaign which follows the theme of ‘Big Boss’. There are 10 books in total. Every week it follows the voting-in and voting-out process through which one book is discarded and one is kept safe. Till now ‘Fifty Shades’ and ‘Hunger Games’ are out of the game, and ‘The Big Book Shelf’ is now left with eight books.

The response to the campaign is faring really good and people are liking it way too much.

So, if you are into books and love ‘Big Boss’ somehow, don’t forget to login to Facebook and participate in ‘The Big Book Shelf’ game.