Excited to share the news of my victory with you all – Meet the new member of International Publishing Association

First and foremost, I would like to express how proud I feel to represent the Indian publishing industry in the International Publishing Association. 

To begin with, I was more than honoured to be even considered for this role, that my fellow FIP members graciously put me forward for. Their immense support and trust in my capabilities have measured far more than any factor in my victory.

 I cannot thank them enough for all the times they have believed in me and provided me a platform to be an active agency of change.

Secondly, I would like to wholeheartedly thank IPA members who chose me to be a part of this prestigious organization. I am truly honoured and beyond grateful for this opportunity. 

As an individual in the industry since 2 decades, there are some key changes and innovations I have longed to see.

Which is why, I am extremely hopeful that my vision combined with those of IPA’s extraordinary members will be able to make a big difference in the publishing scene.

Last but never the least, I would like to thank my astoundingly supportive friends and family members without whom I would never have been able to scale the heights that I have been more than lucky to. 

And how could I ever forget?

My amazing team, who have tirelessly worked by my side. The list of thank you is endless, and my words … I am afraid I won’t be able to convey how grateful I feel right now. 

I hope I can translate all this trust, effort and belief further into my work as an IPA executive committee member. 

I stand firmly for the digital leap, we as a team must take for the publishing industry to keep growing and flourishing. 

Three cheers for this win… I promise you this is just the spectacular start, more is definitely on its way.

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