Think Positive, Be Positive

How many times do you a think a lot and end up doing nothing? Or even worse, you strain your nerves thinking something bad that keeps you bogged down for long? More often than not, we all suffer from such untimely pangs of fear of failure. Staying positive, which is perhaps the most perfect way out for many problems, turns so complex that we surrender/choose to fuss than smile.

Being positive is not an emergency pill that you can easily buy from Google quotes. Neither is it an instant plug-in happy switch which can relieve your stress as and when you please. On that note, I must also add that it’s the simplest, yet the most powerful remedy for a lasting happy life. But, you need to practice it on a daily basis. Adopt a positive attitude and even the toughest situations in life would become easy to handle!

Positivity stems from our thoughts. The more positive our thoughts are, the happier and stabler we are likely to be. Ultimately, it’s the matter of thinking and attitude that sets the action for life. If we think positively, it tends to manifest in our actions and daily routine. Consequently, our behaviour and attitude change over the time, finally making us a transformed person with focused goals and balanced life. And, if you start wondering as to what exactly you’ve changed, it’s going to be nothing but plain thoughts. It’s simple, you think you’ll fail, and you do. You aim to score high, and you actually win!

Ever heard such wonder phrases: ‘The world is a mirror, what you give, you get in return’; ‘Even the IMpossible says I M Possible’; ‘Be good to have good’; ‘You are the maker of your destiny’ and so on. While all these sayings are meaningful in teaching positivity, the real positivity lies in you. Try to be optimistic in seeing the ‘good side’ of everything. Be positive towards people, situations and life in general. A confident player wins the match because he is positively committed to winning it.

Negativity feeds on you like a parasite and eats you up eventually. And, your task is to substitute this negative with positive, thoughts about failure with thoughts about success, ignorance with understanding and disharmony with peace. Slowly as you pick upon these things, it won’t be too long when you fall in love with your own life, wake up dancing one day and smile as the day ends!

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