Shri Chandu Lal Gupta

“100 Years of Matchless Ingenuity”: A Book on Mr CL Gupta

Good people bring happiness to everyone when they are alive,

Great people bring happiness even when they are gone.

My grandfather, Chandu Lal Gupta was an extraordinary & a very wise man always standing with what is right. While he started Prints India which is now known as Prints Publications and touched the skies with success, his real story is the story of his philanthropic work and a constant zeal to be there for people.

On his 100th birth anniversary I am delighted & proud to be launching a book about him and his life.

This Book is a tribute to Sh. Chandu Lal Gupta ji from all his family, friends and associates. He was a true philanthropist, who always stood with people in the times of need. With the philosophy of ‘simple living, high thinking’, he made a significant impact in the lives of people around him – first with his ideas and second with financial and other help. He represented the true dichotomy of Indian and Hindu philosophy, wherein on one hand he was a true Arya Samaji (believing in supreme power and against any idol worship and superstition), on the other hand he strongly promoted the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya. For him, it was a true representation of India and not a religious symbol for idol worship..

idol worship


Collected Rs 1.25 and 1- brick from 20 different nations for the foundation of Ram Mandir: ShilaNyas

Despite his professional commitments he never forgot to indulge in humanitarian activities. He strongly believed in the upliftment of the poor, and did his bit without taking any credits for the same! In his purest form he was a role model for everyone he met.

Coming form a modest middle class family, it was only because of his hardwork & dedication that a business which started on a modest scale, soon grew exponentially & is now a pioneer in the export of books & journals

We started our business from a small shop located in Mori gate New Delhi & now finally after 55 years it gives me immense pleasure to announce that we have moved to a completely new building named as Viraj Tower 1 & 2 in Daryaganj.

Prints Publications
Today on his 100th birthday, it gives us immense joy & pleasure to launch the book named : 100 years of Matchless ingenuity” that speaks of MR CL Gupta’s grandeur and journey of fulfilling multiple roles.

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