2013 in Flashback

The year 2013 is finally going to bid us goodbye. But like every year, I’m sure this year too will be leaving us with many sweet memories that we are going to cherish every day. Personally, for me it has been an exciting year. And as I look back and run a flashback, I can say that life has been pretty good to me. I did well in my business, gave ample amount of time to my family and tried to build a social image for my company. I’d say I succeeded mostly. Yes, surely I could have done better; but then there is always a scope for improvement in everything that we do.

My business always demands regular visit to the book fairs around the world. Well, honestly I consider book fairs as the most fruitful business trips. All the contacts from the overseas, the prospective business or the general business for that matter- everything gets taken care of in just one go. And hence I make it a point that I visit every renowned book fair that I can. This year, I started with Seoul International Book Fair and ended with the Frankfurt Book Fair.

While Seoul International Book Fair, I would say, was important on the national front as it helps us form governmental ties; Frankfurt Book Fair was the already established zone. Seoul International Book Fair was more on the developing verge. And the fact that India was the ‘Guest of Honour’ here made it more important on the international front. More about it here!

Frankfurt Book Fair is… well it’s Frankfurt Book Fair. If you’re in publishing business, it makes it but essential for you to attend this fair. It gives you loads of opportunities, everything that your business needs, provided you grab it with your arms wide open. More here! Not to mention that India came out to be a ‘hero’ in both these fairs. National Book Trust put quite a show in both the events.

Other than attending the regular book fairs, one thing that I’m quite proud of is that I got the honour of attending PubliCon 2013 this year. It’s basically organised by Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry every year to promote the publishing industry. The main purpose of the event was to explore the unexplored territories of South East Asia and Africa as far as the book industry is concerned. More here!

On the personal front, except the usual hangouts with family and friends, I took a trip with my wife to Dubai. It was more of an extended trip after the Frankfurt Book Fair. She accompanied me to the fair and then it was more of a shopping carnival for us.

Overall it has been my kind of year, both professionally and personally. Looking forward to another such year! I hope 2014 brings with it some more beautiful memories.

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