32nd International Publishers Congress – Day 1

32nd International Publishers Congress – Day 1
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My previous blog Bringing Publishing Experts Under One Roof summed up the entire event with all the major highlights. However, this event had much more to its credit, and which is why I would like to share it all with you. Let’s begin with Day 1 of the 32nd IPA Congress.

India is synonymous with cricket! Michiel Kolman, on this note, stated how we need to start hitting sixes in Indian Publishing as well. The sessions at the 32nd IPA Congress has constructive discussions around the same.

Global Leaders Forum

This session was chaired by Mr. Asoke K. Ghosh along with panel members Amitabh Kant, Dr. Y.S. Chi, Matthew Kissner and Richard Charkin.

In this session, the need for publishers to keep up with the global landscape was brought into light. The need to move beyond the traditional definition of publishing. While the world looked at disruption as bad news, Matthew Kissner pointed out how it holds huge potentials and better learning outcomes. He also added that the biggest challenge publishers are facing currently is the protection of copyright. Mr. Amitabh Kant assured the Congress that the Indian government respects and supports Intellectual Property Rights.

I believe we, as publishers, need to invest our efforts in bringing forward ideas that are worth propagating with the help of publishing to contribute towards a better society.

Shaping Future of IP in Publishing

The second session was chaired by Michiel Kolman with panel members Francis Gurry and Maria Pallante. I had been truly looking forward to this session.

Maria Pallante brought forward a very thoughtful statement that publishers are the original copyright inventors. Also, that we need to embrace our history and its role in innovation. Francis Gurry, on the other hand, underlined that the world of Intellectual Property is about conflicting interests. And how international cooperation is needed in publishing and copyright. According to Francis, intellectual property is fundamental to business model.

Do Awards and Recognitions Help?

The third session was chaired by Jessica Sanger with keynote speech by Jennifer Clement and Elif Gunay.

Michiel Kolman stated that copyright is the bedrock of publishing and needs to be protected. Enif Gunay brought to the table the plight of Turkish authors and publishers regarding freedom of expression.

Gui Minhai, the Prix Voltaire award winner who is under Chinese custody, was also a topic of highlight. A Skype call was arranged with Angela Gui, daughter of Minhai. Angela shared her views on the entire course of event. Jennifer Clement pointed out Gauri Lankesh’s murder as an example from India on journalists being killed and how it is a matter of shame for us.

At the cultural programme, Mr. Peter Wiley, Chairman, John Wiley & Sons, was conferred with the Lifetime Achievement award by Ahmed Al Ameri, Chairman of the Sharjah Book Authority.

On a concluding note, I would like to say that ideas need to travel. They need to reach out to the masses for the growth of society and individuals. Event’s like this help us to do the same.