7 Day Booklovers Challenge

Going gaga over selfies!

Is the above line going well with your current state of mind? If yes, then don’t miss out on what I’m going to tell you next. Leveraging this selfie fever to their favour, many brands are every day coming up with the ‘selfie’ contests. But here’s what beats ’em all.

Listen up, folks! Buy Books India is up with a seven day book lovers challenge wherein each day you’re given a challenge.

What makes it more special is the fact that it’s exclusively for booklovers. Now how many times do you see such out of the box activities coming up exclusively for booklovers? I’m sure the answer is in negative. So my advice is to express your love for books in a fun way with BBI.

Here’s a quick peekaboo at what the challenge holds for you.

Day 1: Selfie with the book that you’re currently reading

Day 2: Picture of a mythological book that you own

Day 3: Picture of an interesting bookmark that you have

Day 4: Picture of a complete book series that you own

Day 5: Picture of your book reading space

Day 6: Selfie with your favourite book

Day 7: Selfie with your best book buddy

Another catch is that there’s lot to win. So, without much delay, participate right away.

Hope you win! 🙂

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