A Small Vacation Is Always Healthy

When all else fails, take a vacation.

Rightly said! And for me, it’s the thing that has always worked. The increasing stress, anxiety and the pressure of work sometimes play such a havoc that it can make you go crazy. Hence, the best thing is to take a break. For some, that break could be about indulging in a long forgotten hobby or spending time with family. For someone like me, it’s about going out and exploring the world. And as I’ve always confessed my love for travelling, I can’t deny the fact that a small vacation is always healthy.

One thing that I absolutely believe in since early days is that working under stress is never a good idea. Hence, I always make it a point to go for short trips, time and again. Places like Ananda Spa and Rishikesh are an all-time recluse for me. I try and visit them frequently to relieve myself of the burgeoning pressure of work.

Also, I think in some ways this leads you to become more and more productive. A boggled mind is always the least productive. And a small vacations rejuvenate you like nothing else. A fresh mind enables you to come out with some of the most effective solutions. It’s like a long nap you take away from work.

One more thing that I have personally noted is that an escape to a foreign land sometimes leads you to think more creatively. And that always helps when you’re in the publishing business. By travelling to a foreign land, we put ourselves into a different zone that pushes us to think differently owing to the new climate, people and spots. And that somehow affects one’s thinking. Some of my vacations to Fujeira (UAE), Bentota (Sri Lanka),Singapore and Fiji are more often than not meant for creative inspiration.

All in all, a small vacation is always required to refresh yourself. And I hope many of you agree here with me. Don’t you?

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