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A publisher for life, I have been delving in technology and digital for years now. This interest led me to become part of OMLogic as a Director in 2016 with my once a vendor and now a good friend. 

Over the years we have done a variety of different (some successful, some not as much) initiatives within the publishing industry. One gap that consistently pinched us is the lack of any digital portal for the publishing industry. IPA 2018 in India further strengthened my belief that this is an urgent need that needs to be fulfilled. 

With that, we embarked upon Frontlist – The portal for India’s publishing industry. Over the last 18 months, Frontlist has gained traction and is the site to visit for relevant news and information. Ia shared space for publishers and authors while delivering a niche experience to our book lovers audience. Frontlist is a shared commonplace for publishers and authors to hear about thriving issues, start conversations that need to be had and encourage aspiring authors to get the attention they deserve, we hold a very unique position in the publishing ecosystem.

After 1 year of cutting-edge stories, distinct journalism and associating with some of the key leaders of the industry… We’ve gained huge popularity amongst our audiences. 

Aside from this we have also established a great rapport with publishers, authors and we hope to continue doing the same. 

Looking at this in retrospect, I feel delighted to have made the right decision. 

As of the most recent, Frontlist has an ambitious project in hand- something that’s truly relevant to the publishing industry and the current times.

We’re glad to be the official media partners for the ‘Virtual Delhi Book Fair 2020’ hosted by pragatiE in collaboration with The Federation of Indian Publishers.

Since we’re grabbing eyeballs from diverse readers, publishing giants and renowned authors; why don’t you jump on the bandwagon, too?

Whether you’re a reader looking to discover exciting books and your next favourite author… 

A publisher looking to find fresh talent… Frontlist is the place to be. 

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