In his professional standing of 17 years, Pranav Gupta has conquered the feats of establishing his name in the Indian publishing sphere as the Managing Director of Prints Publications Private Limited. His drive for entrepreneurial success stems from the inter-generational legacy that precedes him and has helped him spearhead pioneering initiatives on the global front. His well-rounded industry exposure and experience have led to Pranav being a frequent speaker at national and international events. In addition, his writings have appeared in various newspapers, journals, and publications & has penned a book on IP Reprographic Rights.


Prints Publications, Buy Books India, Advit Toys, Aviraj Educational Resources and Swets Information Services are the companies he represents. Through his tireless pursuit of expanding the digital footprint of these organisations, a wave of novel and unique events has curated an underlying current of networking opportunities by promoting individual businesses. He takes pride in being one of the few publishers who harnessed the potential of digitisation and technology and built various brands around it, from stem to stern.

Leadership Positions:

Presently, with a fervour for taking the Indian Publishing Industry to new heights, he is serving as the General Secretary for The Federation of Indian Publishers and the elected Secretary-General for Indian Reprographic Rights Organisation.

To add to his kitty of accolades, Pranav also holds the position of Chairman of the Data & Statistics Committee at the International Publishers Association (IPA), Geneva and also Past Executive Committee Member (January 2021 - December 2023 ). He is also an elected Director for the Afro-Asia Book Council.