About OMLOGIC: My journey with the leading digital advertising agency

I am a third-generation publisher, my grandfather led Prints Publication from 1966,Due to my father’s medical conditions, I had to step into a leading role at the age of 16. However, there was one thing that I brought to the table- a fresh perspective. 

Which is why I believe I was so open to the idea of online advertising and digital marketing. This is one thing I pride myself on: I was a believer in digital from the get-go, as opposed to my colleagues who shifted to digital perhaps a little reluctantly. 

I recall in late 2011, I decided it was time for Prints Publication to be digitally transformed. 

Just offline, would no longer suffice- we needed a wider outreach, a more sophisticated brand image and readers that were accustomed to the name and the kind of work we were offering. 

Enter: OMLogic, India’s premium digital marketing agency. With an impressive range of reputed clients and former experience with HBO, Oriflame, Tata Power and so many market leader. I was convinced I wanted to collaborate with them and see. 

That was the year 2012, I can say now and I could say then that  I was not disappointed with the performance of our digital team. 

Soon, I also joined hands with OMLogic to promote my e-commerce books platform ‘Buy Books India’  and subsequently we became the leading seller in Amazon’s books category. 

The relationship grew from strength-to-strength and changed from a professional customer-vendor relationship to a strong friendship with the OMLogic team and specifically with the CEO. In 2016, I joined hands with OMLogic as a Director and rest is history. 

We are now a force to reckon with across industries. However, our strength in the publishing / education / learning industry is just unmatchable. During the last few years we have incubated multiple products and platforms from there. 

As of the very recent, I have collaborated with OMLOGIC for another ambitious project- pragatiE, an online events platform that will be hosting its first show the ‘Delhi Book Fair 2020’ on Oct 30-31, 2020.

What can I say? Except the journey has been marvellous and has added ounces to my growth as a business person. Excited to see what lies ahead with OMLOGIC! 

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