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Announcing new virtual event on PragatiE – Seeing life Gandhi’s Lens

“In a gentle way you can shake the world”

Power, prowess and tenacity. Even Taimur Lane can’t beat Gandhi at any of these 3. The difference between their methods makes it that much more stark. An unforgettable revolutionary, a passionate leader, a champion of equality and a powerful social-activist clad in khadi ready to change the world…

Words cannot describe the enigmatic nature of Mahatma Gandhi!

As his 73rd death anniversary approaches, we remember him as a man who set India free with his incredible ideals. While Gandhi has arguably the biggest name of the 20th century, there is a vacuum amongst the youth in the understanding of Gandhi. Trying to live up to the spirit of Gandhiji, we are hosting a virtual event to commemorate his life, his lessons and the individuals carrying forward his legacy.

The 4 day event is being organised from 26-30th Jan on PragatiE, a digital platform that I proudly associate with. Amongst the national fervor that starts with Republic Day, 

Featuring a diverse range of activities including contests, competitions, panel discussions and book stalls, the exhibition will be an overview of Gandhi’s life in a contemporary fashion. 

Whether that’s shining a light on our sustainable exhibitors who have followed in the footsteps  of Gandhi’s khadi philosophy. 

Or initiating a discussion amongst bright, future lawyers of our country, on how Gandhi’s ideals of inclusion and equality can play a role in our society’s fabric, today. 

Panel webinars on how the ‘Swachh Bharat’ abhiyan can be further used to set standards of hygiene amongst the common man. 

For avid readers like me there’s a treasure trove of nationalist works. 

Apart from this there will be a wide variety of story-telling, painting, singing, writing and quiz contests to keep the participants well entertained. 

To know more about this event, please visit –

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