Delhi Book Fair 2021

Announcing Delhi Book Fair 2021

We’ve been in this pandemic for almost a year and a half now! It’s been a depressing time for a lot of people, especially the second wave in India.

In the middle of this doom and gloom, we are proud to announce Virtual Delhi Book Fair 2021. We introduced the first Virtual Delhi Book Fair 2020 virtually last year and it was a hit. 

The world has gone virtual since we were struck with Covid-19 but this can not stop us from celebrating books, authors, publishers and more. During these depressing times the saying “books are our best friends” comes to live.

Delhi Book Fair is a virtual book fair where you virtually experience a step-in book fair. A special benefit of this virtual Delhi Book Fair is that while sitting at home you can connect with your favourite author sitting on the other side of the world. Virtual book fair brings people closer, connects authors, publishers and readers together across the globe. 

Delhi Book Fair is being organized by The Federation of Indian Publishers (FIP) and Capexil and hosted by pragatiE, India’s leading virtual exhibition platform. Frontlist is the official media partner for the event. The second edition of DBF is being held from 3rd to 5th September, 2021.

It is a particularly proud moment for me, as a publisher and book exporter, as an executive body member of FIP & IRRO and as a founder of PragatiE and Frontist.

Delhi Book Fair 2020 was a huge success, it was the largest virtual book fair in the world. DBF2021 promises to be even bigger and better.

This year DBF comes with added improvements to make it a more immersive experience. Some of the key improvements are as follows:

  • 360 degree/ 3D Exhibition Layout
  • Live video chats
  • Meeting Scheduler
  • Whatsapp Integration
  • pragatiE Vichaar
  • Contest, games & interactions
  • Buying your favourite books at the best discounts

For any further queries and information related to the Virtual Delhi Book Fair 2021, contact or

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