FIP Nominated IPA Award

Exciting News! FIP Nominated Me for the IPA

I am beyond pleased to share the news of my nomination with all my colleagues, friends and all readers who’ve supported me to express


I cannot be more honoured or humbled, that the Federation Of Indian Publishers considered to represent them in IPA. I personally want to thank the FIP office-bearers who have selected me to be the face of FIP & India in the International Publishers Association, an organisation globally recognised for the incredible contribution they’ve made in the field of publishing.

Also, I would like to show my appreciation for my extended family and friends who’ve always been a constant pillar of support in my life.


I remember now, how my journey in the publishing world began at 16 years old. I had to take over Prints Publishing after my father fell ill. I had barely any experience, only some knowledge but a lot of courage and desire to innovate.


After running the company for several years, I wanted to expand its presence physically and socially. After taking Prints Publishing to Dubai and grabbing the audience’s attention for the work we’ve been doing, we have now established a reputation for excellence in academic publishing.

After which we (me and my long time friend Mr. Kapil Gupta) created a news platform ‘Frontlist’ for the community to connect and share their views. It was a golden opportunity for me to experience a sense of oneness with all the fellow authors, readers, publishers. After several years of being in the industry, even today passion for books, literature and publishing drives me forward. 


This nomination truly means a lot to me… and if all goes well, I will be extremely proud to represent my country in the International Publishers Association.

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