Five Books that We’re Looking Forward to Read

One thing that sorts it out for any book lover is the well-defined list of what to read next. Although we all have this mental list of books to read, yet there are the ones that the whole world looks forward to. And hence in no way you want to lag behind.

So, here are the top five books that every book lover wants to read in 2014.


  1. ‘Europe in Sepia’ by Dubravka Ugresic: Published in February, the theme of the book as the title suggests is ‘nostalgia’. Usually, a book of essay sounds something boring but with her direct and ironic style, this novel is definitely a great read.
  1. ‘An Untamed State’ by Roxane Gay: Roxane Gay is quite famous for his story telling and that’s the thing that we look forward to in ‘An Untamed State’. A story of hope intermingled with fear; this book is about possibilities mixed with despair. One thing that’s certain is that once you start reading this book, there’s no putting it down.
  1. ‘The Last Illusion’ by Porochista Khakpour: ‘The Last Illusion’ will be Khakpour’s second novel. Based on the Zal of Persian legend, the protagonist of the story is a literalized version, raised as a bird. This bold fabulist novel is indeed something that’s different from what you usually read.
  1. ‘Paper Lantern’ by Stuart Dybek: A love story fan? Then this one by Stuart Dybek is definitely what you should read. ‘Paper Lantern’ is a collection of short stories where the common focus is the turmoil of love. Intimately lyrical writing style makes it something to go gaga about.
  1. ‘The Hundred Year House’ by Rebecca Makkai: One of the most admired fiction writer, Rebecca Makkai is going to be up with her new novel ‘The Hundred Year House’ in July 2014. Set in the 90s era, this novel will take you on a ride in more than one ways. The book is all about fate and the amazing surprises that life has to offer.

These should definitely be on your ‘To Read List’ this 2014. Meanwhile, if you have your own list, do share. 🙂

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