Five Resolutions that I Plan to Keep This Year

Every year calls for a fresh start. I think many a people believe in this line big time. Well, so do I. And hence after my three successive New Year special posts, here’s one AGAIN on the New Year’s much hyped thingy called ‘Resolutions’. Everybody is keen to make one only to forgo it later. Following suit, procrastination takes its toll here as well. Who am I to disobey then?! In fact, I’m so very keen to follow it all over again, every passing year!

This year I’ve decided to keep up with the custom with five ‘brand new’ resolutions.

  1. Be social: As I’m making my resolutions official here on social media, the first one that I’m planning to follow ‘strictly’ is to be more visible in this virtual world. I’m fairly active on Twitter and promise to be even more dynamic on the platform from now on. I do usually share my points on any and everything that matters. I think I will share more business updates henceforth.
  2. Time Management: This one always takes the front seat for every entrepreneur. It’s a skill that few people seem to possess. Though I am pretty meticulous but there is still scope to be more effective and efficient and thus, it is my key resolution this year. There are too many things in the pipeline and for a fact it gets really difficult for any entrepreneur to keep up with the pace. Organising deals, meeting deadlines, replying to mails, business meets, book fairs, travelling, family, prior commitments, there are way too many things that keep me occupied. It’s a sure thing that I can’t be the ‘list’ master but, yes, I’d definitely like to restructure my priorities a little.
  3. Be a better half: Well, this one is a never-ending process. 😉 I’ve always worn the heart up my sleeves; so those of you who know me know that I adore my wife way too much. Well, I just plan to continue doing so. Hopefully, more.
  4. Eat healthy: This is something that my family and friends say I must follow. As much as I want to indulge in this habit, I am kind of afraid that it’s quite evasive for me. Then again, there’s always a tomorrow. 😉
  5. More travelling this year: This year, most of the vacations I took were an extension of work assignments. But come 2014, I plan to ensure peaceful vacations with my family sans all the work.

These are the five resolutions that I plan to take. I’m certain that I will definitely follow at least two to three of them without fail. What about you?

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