Four Things We Don’t Want in 2014

2014 is finally here! And with it, the resolution making season is also back. New plans and new resolutions, like every single year. Many resolutions die in their infancy while a few are achieved.

Apart from the usual planning, the new year also marks that we should avoid certain unpleasant things from the past year. 2013 was in many ways a sound year nationally and individually, but along with that it was also an year of disappointment. And as they say ‘let the past go and only hold the lessons learned’, I believe these four things need a thorough improvement this year.

  1. Crime against women: ‘Women empowerment’ is one concern that has always been there. Every year, we claim to empower women by one way or the other but the basic factor that increased havoc is the crime against women. In 2013 itself, crime against women was reported to be more than double as compared to 2012. Now this is something for which we don’t want a straight line graph in the new year. For 2014, we definitely want a lower crime rate against women or possibly none at all.
  2. Corruption: Corruption has always been an issue in India. Be it politics or education or any other sphere of society, you cannot evade it. And to add to the fact, it has only increased more and more since forever.  With the political scenario changing off late, this year we must aim for a country free of corruption.
  3. Ranting and raving: The major problem that I find in our country is that we rant and rave more than what we work. It’s like all words and no work. We expect others to do the tough task while we sit back and point fingers. This isn’t limited to our personal sphere, we crib anywhere and everywhere… be it about the government or the bosses or any other authority. I think what we must do this 2014 is start taking stands and stop cribbing.
  4. Littering: For many reasons, I wanted to mention it on top however, I withheld myself. It is seriously annoying that just about every Indian suffers from this habit of littering. Irrespective of the fact that whether they are educated or uneducated, we Indians suffer from this disgusting habit of turning even the most scenic places into trash pits. For instance, peeing in public is one of the most popularly practiced gross activities in India after spitting and littering. What perturbs me is  the fact that we don’t do anything about it. This year I wish that we stop being complacent and address the issue.

Though there are many other things that need to disappear in 2014, these four might make a decent start to begin with. Quite likely you also have a list of your own. Do share a point or two.

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