How can publishers reach directly to the consumer?

In the new world of pervasive digital platforms how aggressively can publishers directly to consumers!

In the disruptive presence of digital communication, social media and easy direct access to consumers, how openly can publishers use their website to sell directly to the consumers?

Today mostly all publishers, from the smallest indie press to large five book publishers want to sell directly in some fashion. 

But what’s the roadblock that stops publishers in the walks?

It is competition with retailers!

In a time where physical retailers are in cut-throat competition with Amazon and other e-commerce platforms, publishers are wary of even appearing to disturb the whole process of bookselling.

But there is surely a lot of incentive for publishers to gain an upper hand in the process!

One of the major problems faced by publishers of all stripes is that there’s always a middle man present between them and their readers. Which means that publishers time and again fail to accumulate detailed and meaningful information on the readers.

Since publishers don’t control the point of sale and remain dependent on third parties such as retailers like Amazon or services to provide them any real-time data. Self-publishers have even less access to data.

Also the quality of data cannot be monitored or altered, and if not correct it leads the publishers in the wrong direction whilst providing no referral to behavioural data at all. 

How can one solve this problem?

Publishers should invest in a platform that creates and fosters direct connections with the customer. 

In the process this platform should also offer publishers with reliable and detailed analytics that helps a publisher to directly measure the success of marketing and communication campaigns. 

In this way I believe that publishers can build an effective yet affordable route to get to know their readers and offer them what they need.


In today’s competitive market of e-commerce biggies, social media platforms and physical retailers vying to get the attention of readers… How can publishers remain one step ahead?

In my view, publishers must get to know their readers well, before they try to sell.

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