How Important Are Copyright Laws in the Publishing Industry

How Important Are Copyright Laws in the Publishing Industry?

With the surge of e-books and growth of technology to support the trend, electronic publishing has completely taken over traditional publishing. Yet with the convenience and accessibility of an open market, it becomes increasingly difficult to protect your creative work. 

The Internet has extended book publishers and other content providers a unique way to safely put out content. Every writer from big to small or independent, can share their work with a global audience.

However, we all know what happens when you post or upload something online, it’s completely lost in the wide web. There’s no way to restrict or control who gets to see it, read it or reproduce it illegally and you can never trace it, with who it’s shared. 

Which makes it extremely important for publishers to learn about the importance of copyright.

As of now, e-publishing is covered with copyright protection- a copyright law that covers print is also applicable for work on the Internet, including audio/video. 

Copyright law aids authors to benefit from their creative work and foster innovation. It awards those who produce creative works. Only the holder of copyright has the right to sell or profit from these products.

This is relevant because it takes a lot of talent, energy and creative resources to produce creative, new ideas or products. It is only fair that the creators reap rewards for their efforts. 

A copyright protection can ensure that your work stays exclusive and cannot use it without permission. If any infringement takes place, the rightful owner of the copyright can take legal action. 

Another supreme advantage of copyright is that you can prevent misuse of your work, and have more control over how it is displayed in the public. 

However, the most crucial benefit is that the writer can gain revenue from the sole right accrues from original work. It also encourages creativity in the whole fraternity and aspiring writers. 

The current system establishes that there be a public record of all the copyright registrations of the work.

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