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How Nep ( New Education Policy) Will Change the Future in the Next Coming 10 Years

“Education is the most powerful weapon, one can use to change the world’

Passed after a long wait, the new education policy is all set to change the way students learn in India, hopefully for the better. The policy proposes many updations in the education framework, from rote learning to a more ‘experiential and critical learning’ model.

When it comes to school education, the main focus is on overhauling the curriculum, “easier” board exams, revising the curriculum to only retain “core essentials”.

The major shift in the 1986 policy pushes for a 10+ 2 system in the school system, replacing it with a comprehensive ‘5+3+3+ 4’ design to the age groups 3-8 years (foundational stage), 8-11 (preparatory), 11-14 (middle), and 14-18 (secondary). 

The policy also suggests that all higher institutions offer single streams and that all universities must aim to become multidisciplinary by 2040. 

Although there are no stringent regulations to follow, the policy provides a broad direction in which the education system should now be moving into.

Another major change in the education system is that students must learn in their mother tongue languages, which will be key to c0nnect the next generation to roots and enrich students with different types of literature, arts etc.

Besides incorporating Indian philosophy, it will also add in sustainable learning at undergraduate level. Inclusive education right from the get go will significantly impact the growth of the student in the long-run.

With most sectors now moving towards becoming digital, our learning system also needs to reflect the business landscapes and job workplaces of the future. 

Which is why creating students that are tech-savvy will be the central point around which our learning will be directed onto. Increased focus on the application front rather than shallow mugging up of the subjects will create 21 century skills.

I believe that the new policy has great potential if implemented rightfully. Hopefully more sooner than later!

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