Importance of Publishing in the Education Sector

For shaping the future of a nation, education is the key to unravelling its infinite potential. It improves the quality of life and strengthens a nation’s gross development. In the last decade, we have seen a tech-oriented and learning-centric transition under the prominent leadership of our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. This has brought an epic transformation in the tech world inspiring millions of youth to pursue technological subjects. Education influences our lives and prepares us to perform actions and better our society as a whole. It helps us to think critically and enhance our sense of responsibility. Understanding how the current world works and how to function supremely in society are critical learnings that education offers us. Spreading the words of science and the philosophies of eminent figures is the core of an effective education system. And if you ask me what helps in spreading the same, then the power of publishing will be my answer.

The contemporary world is flourishing with the undeniable role of publishing ventures. The quality of material published for propagating information decides how well an educational institute conveys it. Publishers are entrusted with the responsibility of curating material for the facilitators to instruct with high-quality resources. Moreover, the standard of the material published enhances learning integrity in educational setups.

With the significant role of the publishing sector in refining the education system, it also has a critical role in communicating information to the world. For keeping the citizens informed about the current affairs worldwide, publishing plays a vital role. From dissemination of the information to streamline its production, every minute aspect is taken care of by the publishing houses in our nation.

The Indian government is focusing on helping the publishing sector thrive globally. The meticulous work has brightened the future of traditional publishing in our country. We can see that the sector is booming in India with the exponential growth of international publishing houses. On the other hand, our native publishers are also expanding their businesses across domestic markets. Our government pivots the quality of education by putting in prominent efforts to better the publishing sector. For a long time, India focussed on improving the literacy rate but now the need to put light on the quality is rising. This need is addressed in the latest National Education Policy (NEP) as it focuses on the quality of literacy and education.

While we celebrate 75 years of Independence, I believe we are on the right path to improving our society by enlightening the spirits of publishers. We have succeeded in developing entrepreneurial energy among the budding domestic publishers as the government has extended its help to such endeavours. Today, we are witnessing the rise of Indian publishers on global forums including the participation of young promising publishers; thus, opening doors to a glorious future for the education sector in India.

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