India to the world 2021



“Diversity is the driving force for innovation” 

And there’s no word that describes India better than diverse.

Known as ‘sone ki chidiya’ 75 years ago, today India is an economic powerhouse and a mainland of countless innovations. It has contributed aplenty to global industries in terms of both talent and knowledge. 

As we enter the 75th year of independence, ‘India To The World’ raises a toast to all the grand milestones and mammoth achievements we as a nation have accomplished. 

Organised in collaboration with PragatiE, a cutting-edge platform for virtual events; this is going to be a 75 day long exhibition. 

An eclectic marathon of events, webinars, contests; through this we aim to champion India’s unique contribution to the world.

Each day will raise the curtain on India’s best practices across several sectors and the growth curve over the past decades. We aim to bring together 10,000+ businesses ranging from technology, textiles, trade, commerce, culture, belief, management, education & tourism; making it a networking HubSpot for diverse bodies. 

Brands will get a chance to showcase and expand their brand presence by reaching it to industry-specific audiences. We have also set up an exclusive Trade Enablement feature for B2B businesses to set IP one-to-one meetings with Indian exporters. 

There’s a special walkthrough section with customised, insightful spots along with networking zones for participants to interact with top-notch professionals.

The exhibition will be conducted in a special day-wise fashion. As an attraction, we will also have exciting contests, competitions and engagement activities brimming with India’s rich cultural heritage.

You can experience all this and so much more at India To The World (ITW)

Register here and become a part of the fiesta now<>

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