Industry leaders and their perspective on the Importance of Data & Statistics in the Publishing industry

The event “Transformative Trends in Publishing: Shaping the Future through IP, Tech, Data & AI” was hosted on the sidelines of the New Delhi World Book Fair 2024 at the Taj Ambassador Hotel on February 10, 2024. This event was a pivotal gathering of industry leaders to discuss the evolving landscape of publishing and the transformative impact of data and technology. It was my pleasure to moderate the “Importance of Data & Statistics in the Publishing Industry” session with special guest Karine Pansa, President of the International Publishers Association, and Vikrant Mathur, Executive Director of Nielsen Book Data.

As Chair of the Data & Statistics Committee at the International Publishers Association (IPA), I emphasised data’s critical role in guiding strategic decisions and advocating for the interests of publishers worldwide. Drawing from my experience working closely with policymakers in India, I highlighted the importance of presenting the publishing industry’s measurable contributions, such as its economic impact and employment opportunities. Data-backed representations strengthen our case in front of policymakers, enabling us to advocate for policies that promote and protect publishers’ interests.

Karine Pansa spoke about traditional publishers’ challenges as they adapt to new digital advancements. She noted the significance of providing publishers with information and creating communities to exchange knowledge. IPA supports its members in navigating the digital landscape and addresses issues such as copyright protections and freedom to publish. Karine’s insights on the rise of AI and tech companies’ use of publishers’ content without proper licensing underscored the need for continued advocacy and discussion on these topics.

I shared my perspective on the global picture of data collection and analysis within the publishing industry. By collaborating with IPA, we aim to encourage smaller publishers and associations worldwide to invest in data and understand the market’s intricacies. This comprehensive approach allows us to create a reliable source of information for the global publishing market.

Vikrant Mathur provided valuable insights into emerging trends and challenges in data management and analytics within the publishing industry. Nielsen Book Data’s efforts to collect metadata in multiple languages and ensure data security demonstrate their commitment to quality-driven information. Such efforts enable meaningful decision-making for businesses and policymakers alike.

In our discussion, Karine and I also explored IPA’s collaboration with international organisations and government bodies to advocate for policies that promote and protect the interests of publishers globally. We emphasised the importance of exchanging information and supporting member countries in addressing challenges such as copyright infringement and fixed book pricing.

Looking ahead, Karine and I stressed the need to invest in metadata, inclusion, and sustainability. By prioritising these key areas, we can shape a more professionalised industry well-equipped to handle future challenges and opportunities.

As Chair of the Data & Statistics Committee at IPA, I shared my vision for the next few years. I believe that investing in the IPA’s pillars, such as copyright, inclusion, and sustainability, is essential for the industry’s long-term success. By deep-diving into various copyright regimes and understanding the impact of AI on these regimes, we can develop targeted strategies to address emerging challenges.
Vikrant and I also discussed the importance of creating awareness programs and workshops for publishers and associations globally. These initiatives aim to foster a deeper understanding of how to accurately respond to data questionnaires and measure market size. By cultivating awareness and knowledge, we can empower the industry to make informed decisions based on robust data and statistics.

In conclusion, the session provided invaluable insights into the transformative trends in publishing and the pivotal role of data and technology in shaping the industry’s future. By collaborating with international partners, investing in critical areas, and prioritising data-driven decision-making, we can confidently navigate this new era and pave the way for continued growth and success in the publishing industry.

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