Mental Wellness and Wellbeing – the New Nectar of Life

To most of us, wellnessis synonymous with happiness,” or fulfilment,or having arrivedat a place where we are content with our lives and have a clear idea of what we want out of them. These are undoubtedly important, but there is much more to happiness than meets the eye. The term WellBeingencompasses a wide range of concepts and ideas, including but not limited to the following

How one gets to the point of selfactualization

How one treats oneself and one’s emotions along the way. 

How one interacts with oneself and others

Where one’s thoughts lead one during happy and sad times

How one acknowledges and deals with one’s thoughts in both happy and sad times. Finally, while discussing our personal happiness, our thoughts must turn inside to our connection with ourselves. To get to that last stage, that stage when we may really feel and be happy, most of us strive to fill our lives with more people, more chances, more work, etc., but we don’t realise that we’re simply looking for methods to fill that gap

When your thoughts and interests are in proper alignment, you may say that your mind is healthy. It indicates that you are in a good mood and that your efforts are having a beneficial effect. Mental health is a state of being resilient enough to deal with life’s inevitable setbacks while still benefiting emotionally and cognitively from those experiences. Those who have good mental health are optimistic and capable of effectively handling life’s challenges. They are in command of their internal states. It does not imply a lack of stress but rather the capacity to cope well with it

Everyone attempting to make it through this hectic and busy life has to take care of their mental health. It influences not just how we feel but also how we act and the choices we make. Taking care of one’s mental health has positive effects on one’s productivity and self- esteem. The routine tasks we have to do on a daily basis may really provide us with a sense of satisfaction and calm. The condition of one’s mind may have an effect on their body and vice versa. Good physical health is a byproduct of stable mental health, and stable mental health is a prerequisite for a full range of physical wellbeing. The best method to prevent many cardiovascular problems is to keep your mind and body in check and deal with any underlying concerns, such as stress or worry

Positive selfesteem is essential to maintaining good mental health. We can all agree that the motivation for living is found in achieving one’s goals and realising one’s ambitions. In order to develop, one must dream. While gaining wealth is obviously vital, developing oneself is as crucial. Don’t worry about anybody except yourself right now. Develop your character. Accept and appreciate your uniqueness and revel in it. 

Finally, despite the challenges and troubles we encounter, it is up to each of us to ensure our own wellbeing by appreciating the simple things in life, tending to our own needs, being in the present, and being gentler to ourselves.

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