New Trends: Teen Entrepreneurs

With experience comes wisdom!

True that! But there’s more than this. Innovative mind, razor-sharp focus and hard work- that’s what it takes to make it big in the business world. And more than that, it’s the passion to reach the zenith that rules this world. And the proof is not anywhere else but here. I’m talking about the whole race of teen entrepreneurs that has developed over the last few years. These young entrepreneurs tasted success at a tender age; and they are here to rule this world. Courtesy, their hard work and dedication.

And to name a few, here are five teen tycoons-in-the-making:

a. S Sanjay and Shravan Kumaran: Meet India’s youngest CEOs. Achieving a milestone in this Smartphone era, these two brothers from Chennai launched their mobile application firm ‘Go Dimensions.’ Kudos to their dedication!

b. Farrhad Acidwalla: With an aspiration to become an entrepreneur,  he fulfilled his dream at an age of 13. Now 19 years old, this guy founded the ‘Rockstah Media’ and was entitled one of the youngest entrepreneurs of the world. Rockstah Media gained quick traction as it was a cutting-edge company devoted to web development, marketing, advertisement, and branding.

c. Sabirul Islam: Fired at 13 and Founder at 14, this guy self-published his first book ‘The World At Your Feet’ at the age 17. Since then he has sold 60,000 copies, launched a board game, become a globe-trotting public speaker (over 600 speaking engagements), and started his own publishing company for aspiring teen authors. Quite an accomplishment, I tell you.

d. Syed Balkhi: He is the one behind ‘Uzzz Productions’. The company deals in web services. His blog for WordPress beginners, WPBeginner, has been up since July 2009 and already attracts an incredible 145,000 unique visitors each month. Indeed a social media prodigy! What say?

e. King Sidharth: This multi-talented youngster is a speaker, author and magazine publisher. His primary work is in website development and design. Also, he is organising a conference for teenagers called ‘Createens’.

These are a few among the many who have made it big as young entrepreneurs. And as I talk about these moguls-in-the-making, I am sure there are many others who are taking their big steps. All the best to all of them!

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