New year, new beginnings – And a new role that I’m truly excited to step into!

For some it’s just a date. For others it’s the delight in discovering everything anew!

This new year for me, is about being able to view the world of books through a fresh perspective. 

The golden chance that I’ve been fortunate enough to get and my colleagues gracious enough to put me forward for.

Stepping in to represent the face of Indian Publishing Industry in IPA (International Publishing Association), here I stand more grateful than ever to have the opportunity to- 

Rewrite certain chapters that urgently need changing, editing those that need a little attention, revolutionizing the new, the novel and the never-tried-before.

All in all provide my unique contribution to the industry I have been in since I was just 16 years old. 

Looking up to my grandfather and my father, I have always treasured the learnings they’ve passed onto me. 

One that stays with me till date is that- “The Price of doing the same old thing, is greater than the price of change”.

And what better day to raise a toast to this, than the new  year’s eve!

Today, I promise to myself that I will wholeheartedly embrace this role of being the Indian representative in the IPA Executive Committee, live upto the great trust my colleagues have kindly bestowed upon me. 

Take on the responsibility with full fervour and a spirit of collaboration with the entire publishing fraternity. 

Cheers to all things new- opportunity, challenges, people!

Whatever life throws my way into 2021… I will try to make the best of it.

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