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Online Learning- Future Necessity or Just a Fad?

Fading trends or not, e- learning is an extension of how we learn and teach. The only thing that has changed over the past in education is- that as we discover more about how our brain functions which is why the methodology through which we teach has to be in line. While older techniques were deemed ineffective and were replaced with far more innovative approaches. 

In my point of view e-learning will not vanish, rather it will evolve. The current model is already subject to chance and the chance that e-learning will be completely transformed into something much more advanced is quite likely. Another reason why e Learning is here to stay for a long time now is because it allows us to advance faster as a society. If we accelerate the knowledge acquisition process, we can push the boundaries even further for the next generation. Today one of the most well-known paradoxes is that students need experience to get a job, but you also need the experience to get the job. e-Learning can become an effective way of overcoming this barrier.

Using e-Learning companies can train their entire staff and the best thing about this is that it is an affordable solution. The courses can be stored online, people get to choose when they will attend them. More specifically, these courses offer different approaches to learning. Not only is this bound to create a lot more world opportunities, but will also facilitate job training sessions while helping companies to save a lot of funds. 

In conclusion, this completely new and versatile approach to learning will transform into something far more systematic, orderly and efficient. Through this we can create fully customized courses, to cater to all types of learners, The only con about this technology is the lack of human connection, incentive to work on interpersonal skills. 

So no, I don’t think e-learning will fade, it will grow stronger in the coming generations.

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