Online Shopping: Yay or Nay

Online shopping has become an important phenomenon in the recent years. The credit simply goes to the internet advancements and the change in the outlook of the people. Well, the latter has resulted from the former itself. With the advancement of technology and easy availability of internet, a considerably larger number of people have now access to online shopping.

And what makes it ‘Yay’ can be summed down in a few points. One major factor which supports this trend of shopping online is the overall reduction in costs for customers. The middlemen who are usually involved in the buying and selling process get flicked out very easily, thereby reducing the cost of purchase. Another advantage that follows it is the fact that you compare ‘n’ number of variety deals over the internet and then select the best for yourself. Quite a process, if you decide to hit the mall! In addition to this, keeping in view the fast paced life, the time you save makes online shopping worth a try.

But sometimes it’s not only about time and money, rather largely about the quality which makes a difference.  Online shopping allows people to compare the quality of products online and finally make a rational decision. This offers significant advantage, especially because it’s not always necessary to find our favourite brands in every corner of the world. But, one thing is almost everywhere, and that’s Internet! This is even more beneficial for small town people. Even if you want an international brand, Amazon is always there for you.

As much as these points make you believe that online shopping is consumer beneficial, there are some factors that make you reluctant towards trying it. Cultural aspect can be the biggest reason here. The urge to feel a product tangibly sometimes makes you think before using internet for shopping. Other than that, the fear of getting fooled can also be stated as a reason, which, in technical terms is called ‘Phishing’. The consumers can sometimes be fooled into thinking they are dealing with a reputable retailer. Apparently, that can be avoided if you keep yourself updated.

These points might make you a bit reluctant towards online shopping, but they don’t come out as big a reason to say ‘Nay’ to this growing phenomenon. On that note, online shopping is surely here to stay and change the world. Yay!

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