Printed Books for Children: An Unadulterated Future

‘Digital Age’, ‘Digital is the future’, ‘Digital India’….

A lot of digital here and there, and why not, technology is amazing! Things technology can do is just worth all that admiration and acceptance. But it can never replace a good parent or a good teacher. Being in a close relationship with the printed world let me tell you, that paper and ink, can do miracles. India is known for its rich heritage and culture, and literature is an eminent part of it.

When it comes to the publishing sector, children’s books are extremely popular. In the recent book fairs that took place in Delhi, the Children Pavilions section has always been a major attraction for book lovers. Children are restless and often it is a struggle to make them focus on something as their attention seems to flicker from one thing to another in a second. I’m a parent and I couldn’t agree more with this fact. Children nowadays are attracted towards devices & gadgets, and to my surprise, they are much more technically advanced than I could ever be.

However, all that curiosity and excitement is mostly related to entertainment, and on very rare occasions it is related to reading or learning. Despite the fact that digital devices are used for the purpose of reading, they can be a big source of distraction as well. On that note, printed books are always a better option to keep a child’s concentration intact. With increased usage of digital platforms/devices you can hardly control what your kid has access to. Parental control is an option no doubt, but we don’t find it on every device. And whom are we kidding? Our kids are smart enough, aren’t they?

Printed books provide a hands on experience, and are at the  centre of the book reading landscape.  Physical contact with books play a huge role in building an unmatched bond with reading and learning as well. When your child reads a printed book, it builds curiosity, which eventually helps them attain greater meaning to things, while answering many questions too.  This helps them learn and build the skill of exploration and discover many more words, which helps improve their vocabulary. Even though reading on a digital device helps us understand the meaning to different words or phrases in a shorter span of time, it kills all the fun and joy of making an effort in understanding or comprehending certain phrases or words. Digital can be an aiding medium to provide education but it cannot be a replacement for printed books.

Technology can be a boon or bane. In fact, letting your children read e-books can also negatively impact their health. Screens can cause maladies such as eyesight problems. Chemicals & adulteration in food coupled with unhealthy quality of air and lack of healthy lifestyle is already harming your child, so why add to that! I believe printed books are the best source that you could rely on for your children. While technology is taking away the essence of reading a tangible book, it also serves as a medium to bring readers closer to their favourite books. Buy Books India is one such platform where you can avail children’s books online. They are one of the largest online bookselling platform with a fan following of over 8 Lakh. Buy Books India is mitigating the gap between the availability of books and book lovers besides promoting well renowned authors.

Before I sign off, let’s take a second and think. What imagery comes to your mind when I say the word ‘book’? Yes, the answer is right there! Drop me a comment. Would love to hear your thoughts on this blog.

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