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Publisher The Federation of Indian Publishers
Publication Year 2022
ISBN 978-81-955750-1-5

75 Years of Book Publishing in India

Authored the Chapters on ‘Journals and Periodicals Publishing in India’, ‘International Publishers Association’, and Co-Authored a chapter on ‘Indian Reprographic Rights Organization’.

This book presents a comprehensive insight into the glorious evolution of the Indian publishing sector over the past 75 years and offers an all-encompassing view of its past, present, and future. It further sheds light on how the ever-evolving landscape of Indian publishing and the tireless hard work of all its stakeholders has enabled our beloved nation to attain the feat of thriving amongst global frontrunners in terms of publishing and being only second to the USA in terms of publishing books in English. The mammoth reach of its expanse has resulted in our growth potential ranging up to INR 800 billion by 2024.


Publisher Indian Reprographic Rights Organisation
Publication Year 2022
ISBN 978-93-951020-0-1

Handbook on Intellectual Property & Reprographic Rights Organisation

I am proud to author the book which is an attempt to give center stage to the copyright law and its implementation in our country. We have explored how IP is the bedrock for creativity and innovation and how it has enabled the creation of many great works.


Publisher The Federation of Indian Publishers
Publication Year 2018
ISBN 978-81-86519-14-1

Book Publishing in India – Innovation meets experience

Delighted to have Co-Authored the chapter ‘Exporting Books from India: The present and the future’.
The book is a brief introduction to some aspects of Indian publishing provides an overview of the industry and its recent trends, growth trajectories and future prospects. Key segments of Indian publishing including school and higher education segments and their varying opportunities and challenges are discussed in some detail.


Publisher All About Book Publishing
Publication Year 2018
ISBN 978-81-936594-0-3

Publishers on Publishing: Inside India’s Book Business

Happy to contribute a chapter on ‘Distribution and Supply Chain Management’ as a Co-author. The Book is a one-of-a kind volume on the Indian Book Business. It offers, for the first time, a frame for India’s publishing business that can be used to engage and share, in an increasingly volatile and changing external environment.


Publisher Prints Publications
Publication Year 2021
ISBN 978-81-927694-3-1

Chandu Lal Gupta – 100 Years of matchless ingenuity

The most significant moment of my life was when I visited Taiwan in 2007. Only place to eat was ISKCON Taiwan. I gave them $20 donation when they asked more about me. Their reference point was my grandfather. Learning he used to give $100 back in the 90s, I gave $200, HAPPILY! My grandfather was the inspiration behind everything I am and everything I will be. A man of true honor, discipline and nothing more than love for everyone, I still try to imbibe his lifestyle into mine, and I still struggle.

I have always wanted to explore more, which is what led me to this book. As the inheritor of his legacy, I want to thank and congratulate everyone who contributed in making this book a reality, most of those are much older and much more experienced than me. Hopefully, this book will help carry this legacy forward. In the next generations and a lot more.

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