Reliving the Splendour of Chennai International Book Fair 2024: A Publisher’s Reflection

As a publisher with the opportunity to be immersed in the world of literature, I participated in the Chennai International Book Fair 2024 from 16-18 January 2024, an event embodying the essence of literary excellence and cultural enrichment with 30 international delegates.

The fair was Organized by The Directorate of Public Libraries and Tamil Nadu Textbook and Educational Services Corporation. The Guest of Honour Country was Malaysia this year with a special presentation of their culture and literature at the book fair.

The second edition of the Chennai International Book Fair (CIBF) was inaugurated by Hon’ble School Education Minister of Tamil Nadu – Anbil Mahesh Poyyamozhi. Speaking at the fair he said, “CIBF aspires to enhance our love for reading and enhance cultural understanding”.

Mr. Mahesh also released a coffee table book “Taking Tamil to the World” on the occasion. Health Minister Ma. Subramanian, MSME Minister T.M. Anbarasan, consul general of Malaysia Saravana Kumar Kumaravasagam, Education Secretary J. Kumaragurubaran, and others were present at the event. This was followed by literary sessions on various topics including publishers speaking about taking Tamil to the world.

A total of 752 MoUs were signed including 483 for Tamil books to be translated into foreign languages and 230 were for other language books to be translated into Tamil during CIBF 2024. Different types of books from Tamil literature were available.

My colleague from the International Publishers Association and its current Vice President – Ms Gvantsa Jobava, was also invited to this vibrant book fair. As part of her speech at the opening ceremony, she spoke of the impressively diverse Indian publishing market as well as IPA’s pillars of copyright and the freedom to publish. She underlined the importance of culture, reading and language as part of society.

Let me take you on a detailed journey through the corridors of this literary extravaganza:

A Literary Oasis:

The CIBF 2024, held at the esteemed Chennai Trade Centre, beckoned book lovers from far and wide to immerse themselves in a treasure trove of literary delights. With its vibrant ambience and bustling energy, the fair served as a haven for bibliophiles, offering an extensive array of books across diverse genres.

Exploring Boundless Horizons:

The fair boasted a staggering collection of books from over 750 publishers, from fiction to non-fiction and poetry to academia. Each stall was a microcosm of literary wonders, inviting visitors to explore new realms of knowledge and imagination. Whether it was classic literature or contemporary bestsellers, there was something to pique the interest of every reader.

Fostering Connections:

One of the most remarkable aspects of the Chennai International Book Fair 2024 was its role in fostering meaningful connections within the publishing community. As publishers, we had the opportunity to network with fellow professionals, exchange ideas, and forge partnerships that would shape the industry’s future. The fair catalysed collaboration paving the way for innovative ventures and literary endeavours.

Celebrating Diversity:

At the heart of the Chennai International Book Fair, 2024 was a celebration of diversity and inclusivity in literature. The fair showcased a rich tapestry of multicultural works, encompassing regional languages, international translations, and indigenous literature. It was a testament to the power of literature to transcend cultural boundaries and foster cross-cultural understanding.

Nurturing Young Minds:

One of the most gratifying aspects of the fair was its focus on nurturing the next generation of readers and writers. Dedicated spaces for children’s literature and educational resources allowed young minds to embark on a journey of discovery and learning. Through interactive workshops, storytelling sessions, and author meet-and-greets, we sought to ignite the spark of creativity and imagination in the hearts of young readers.

Embracing Innovation:

In an era of digital transformation, the CIBF 2024 embraced the latest technological innovations to enhance the reading experience. From e-books and audiobooks to digital platforms for author interactions, technology played a pivotal role in democratising access to literature. As publishers, we were excited to harness these digital tools to reach a wider audience and enrich the reading experience.

A Promising Initiative with State Support:

The 2nd edition of this Book Fair was a commendable initiative supported by the state, reflecting a commitment to promoting literacy and cultural exchange. However, to further expand its reach and impact, the fair would benefit from more collaborators and stakeholders joining to amplify its efforts and ensure its sustainability for years.


Chennai, formerly known as Madras, stands out among India’s prominent cities for its robust economy, advanced education system, and high literacy rates. Renowned as a hub for publishing services, local businesses in Chennai are swiftly embracing advancements in AI to modernize these services.

The Chennai International Book Fair 2024 was more than just an event; it was a celebration of the enduring power of literature to inspire, educate, and unite us.

As a publisher, I am grateful for the opportunity to have been part of this literary extravaganza, where every book was a doorway to new adventures, and every page turned was a step towards enlightenment until we meet again at the fair’s next edition!

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