Role of Indian Publishers in Atma Nirbhar Bharat – 15 August

Publication houses have an integral role in spreading information to the world. From ancient times to date, it has been the medium to share information and enlighten people with words of the eloquent. It influences people’s lives in various forms, like newspapers, books, journals, and magazines. Alongside, its role cannot be superseded in attaining Indian independence. Since then, the significance of publishing houses has only increased. It has been a medium to tell our story, speak our minds, and even be the voice of the needy. With our honourable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi emphasising the necessity of building Aatma Nibhar Bharat, the vitality of publishers has also increased. It is a non-verbal medium where the public can portray their talents and gain the glance of the audience. This opens the path to being independent and leading lives on our own terms. 

For making a self-reliant India, the prominence of publication is undeniable. It not only acts as a medium to start entrepreneurship but also is a direct economic driver. The flourishing publishing industry employs thousands of people directly and indirectly in skilled and unskilled jobs. It also is a vital source of tax revenue generation. Moreover, it is the publishing industry that imparts knowledge and education to society and improves the quality of people’s life as a whole. 

Imagine a world without the publishing industry; a huge means of expression ruled out. With that, a lack of knowledge and education would turn the world into a place of barren minds. So, all publishing houses form a crucial part of the Indian economy’s backbone. From the publication of newspapers to research papers, the industry is the hand-holder for intellectual development. It also is a powerful medium for writers and editors for employment. It helps them reach the readers and express their thoughts. The publishing sector is a stream of revenue that funds healthcare and education, which means it supports a nation to go ahead by providing a healthy world with knowledgeable minds. 

Even though the modern world has brought a few challenges to the industry, it has taken it with a positive spirit. With the growth of the digital world, the publishing sector is also widening its horizons. It has accepted digitalisation with open arms and has a prominent niche in typography, social media marketing, digital education, and management. It successfully imparts robust education with spontaneous teaching through digital means. 

The Indian publishing industry has reached new peaks of success by being the second largest English book publisher in the world. The industry catalyses the economy’s growth by enabling us to compete with the rest of the developing world, including the USA. The publication sector has also branched into e-publishing to create more significant opportunities for writers and researchers to reach out and be Atmanirbhar. Hence, the publishing industry is a top player in taking India ahead with a self-dependent population and being an eminent name among the growing economies across the globe. 

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