Super Bowl In India

The Super Bowl as we all know is that ‘Big Game’ that every American waits for each year. I am sure you would have heard enough buzz around the game last month.

As a matter of fact, this game was started as a part of merger agreement between the National Football League (NFL) and the American Football Conference (AFC). So what started as a rivalry game has become the next big thing after Thanksgiving Day, if we look at the US consumption.

Actually, if we look deep into it, there is a lot of history associated with it but for the naïve people like me and you… it’s pretty much that. But the interesting thing to know is that instead of football, Super Bowl is worldwide known for its ads. And maybe that is the reason why the whole of America shows a yearly excitement for this game.

The creativity that they use in every ad is simply marvelous. Every year, the super Bowl ads capture quite a focus in the media. Like the one by Budweiser… simply outstanding!  Do give a dekko before I proceed!


All in all, it’s more of a brand building thing now and the point that the brands actually invest millions of dollars makes it quite significant. Well, they should really thank football for the same.  Speaking of that, it makes me think as to why we in India haven’t thought of something like this? Just think about it! Americans have got football… and likewise we Indians have got cricket. The only difference is that we follow our sport a bit more ‘religiously’. So, the point is why not leverage it for consumerism?

Cricket is a game that we love and adore. It’s the game that’s already been leveraged over and over again for marketing. So, why not make it larger? Considering the massive boom in Indian consumerism over the last few years, I think it does make sense if the bigwigs in India utilise this idea.

Do comment if you agree.

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