Impact of Video games - Internet on Your Child's Reading Habit

Technology — A Boon or a Bother for the Children?

Today’s youth is called GenTech and for a good reason because the Internet has become a very important part of a child’s life. With the wonders that it has done to the world, it has a downside too. The youth of today has become severely, unapologetically attached to the internet for even the basic needs.

In this digital revolution high internet speed, busy parents, and lack of reading habits has led the young generation to get hooked to the online gaming world. Students of this digital generation have put down books and replaced them with smartphones, iPads and video games. The importance of reading has shrunk – even though we live in the digital era of information.

I’m not going to lie, technology is really cool. With so many new advents the younger generation becomes obsessed with phones, video games, and the Internet. The kids of this generation grew up with technology and it kept evolving further. To have had it since they were babies fundamentally changes the way they understand and think about technology. They’ve never known life without it!

Positively, when your child plays video games it gives his or her brain a real workout. In many video games the skills required to win involve abstract and high-level thinking. These skills are not even taught at school. But as it is said everything has a downside, especially with indulgent kids who isolate themselves from external interactions and the parents who overlook the importance of reading books and other insightful activities.

Reading a book helps in a child’s cerebral and emotional development. It is like a journey that will bring values of deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them. Good reading skills not only benefit students academically, but they are also a skill required for lifelong success. Books furnish kids with artistic chances to go outside their little universes to wind up being mindful of how others live. By reading books, children learn about values and ethics in a way that is fun and age appropriate. It is very important to choose the right approach to build up a habit of reading and help them to leave the virtual world only to a virtuous world.

Technology can be part of a healthy childhood, as long as this privilege isn’t abused. So keep things in moderation by supervising gameplays and ensuring your kids get the best of the gaming world without succumbing to the worst.

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