The Entrepreneurship Bug

I am not sure if I am an entrepreneur by chance or by design. What I know is I love every minute of it.

The very first interaction I had with my enterprise – or any enterprise, for that matter – was when my father, who ran this publishing business lost some money with relation to a website for our business. Remember – this was in 2004-05 and websites were still a novelty. All he intended for me to do at the time was to look after the matter since he said he didn’t understand “what this website business is”.

It turned out that there was some cheating happening with relation to the work being delivered. I had to get involved and get the matters resolved. And it was fun.

I was in 11th standard then and it became a routine for me to come to office directly from school. Did I face challenges managing school and work? Yes, of course, I did… but the choice was never clearer to me.

I started working full time when, in 2007, my father got seriously bogged down by his health and on my mother’s advice I decided to take up my graduation through correspondence while working full time at the office.

My first charge in PRINTS INDIA was to refurbish MD Publications, which was at one time, a prestigious publication for reputed journals in the social sciences which started in 1991, but defunct for quite some time.

Since 2007, MD Publications has once again become a reputed name in the journal publishing space. As a small token of its achievement 250 books and at least 16 journals were published within one year. Further, we re-received a Certificate of Merit 2007-08 by the Ministry of Commerce – first award since 2003.

I don’t know what drives other entrepreneurs in their lives or whether it is better to create something afresh or standing on giants’ shoulders.

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