Top Five Words of 2013

So, December is already here. And as it’s the last month of the year, I think it’s time the bigwigs of the ‘Wordsworth’ sector come up with the top five words of the year. Well let them come up with their own list as I’m here making my own list of favourite words.

Yes, it’s mostly inspired but at least it’s a list of my own favourites.

So, interestingly the first word that I would like to list down is ‘selfie’ which is officially the word of the year 2013 according to The Oxford Dictionaries. But, my reason for voting for it is the inclination of my wife towards it. Given the number of selfies my wife has clicked in the past year, I would say I had used it more than the number of times I would have used ‘books’ in my conversation. Ironic, huh? Hmm… that gives me an idea of a ‘bookshelfie’ contest on PrintsBooks/BuyBooks. Doesn’t sound that bad, huh?

Anyway sticking to the topic, second in the list is none but ‘twerking’. Quite a while back, I thought it to be slang. And now as it has officially made its entry into the well-known dictionaries of the world. Thanks to Miley Cyrus’ attempts, this word had to attain the popularity. And, so here we are officially taking ‘twerking’ to yet another level.

Third in the list is ‘404’. Bad internet or bad connection… ‘Aw snap!’ 404 situation. As a matter of fact a lot of people have started using it in their conversation too. Interesting enough, huh! Not much! The more interesting thing is it makes you look technology savvy and at the same time cool. Thank God! Here is the time when being nerdy is equal to being cool.

Next is the word that sounded alien to me four-five years back. Every time I came across this word, I had to look up in a dictionary. Not anymore! This year, ‘deficit’ surely made it to one of the most popular words. Be it a newspaper or a news session on the TV, this word was all over the media. I’m sure I’m not disagreed here. 😉

Coming to the last in the list is my favourite: ‘hashtag’. Interestingly this year has been quite active for my Twitter account. So, this has got to be my word of the year. As interested as I’m about tweeting and stuff, I wouldn’t deny my love for hashtags. So, cheers for the #WordOfTheYear2013! 😉

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