What to Read Next?

Just finished reading a wonderful novel, and pondering what to read next? Certainly something that’s equally interesting and offers you a new enriching experience! Any work of the same author, or the new bestseller in town, or may be the last classic series suggested by your friend? As you dwindle amidst such varying range, choices change and confuse you all over again.

Choosing your next read, thus, turns out to be even more cumbersome. A readers’ inclination, receptiveness for new genres and swiftness to flip, all contribute towards the selection of the new book that goes up his shelf.  But here, the question is not about what goes into a book collection, it’s about what’s bound to suit a reader instantly? So that, he takes no time in reading it…and for that matter, even finishing it!

We are what we read! So, why not choose what we want. That’s the easiest way to go for it. If you are fond of reading a particular genre, you are always better-off. It’s like your favourite ice-cream flavour; something that always tastes the best no matter how many new flavours you happen to try. But then, what’s the harm in trying a new flavour? You never know when it becomes your new favourite. For instance, if you are still recovering from a soul-wrenching romance, you might as well grab a thriller quick-fix. And there you go!

That was just one side. What about those times when prolonged reading makes you indecisive and you’re in dire need of a perfect book? Not to worry. The current socio-technological world is buzzing with endless solutions to your aid: friends, blogs, colleagues, reviews, e-books and expert panels. Suggestions, alternatives, filtered ratings and friends’ recommendations- all offer ample amount of choices to choose from. Sit back, click and browse your best authors and their top works. It’s easy spotting time-proven, classic deep works this way.

All said and done, no matter whom you consult and what’s your top choice, your next read just pops up at the end. Quite unknowingly, when you are stuck amidst excitement and indecision, your book is all prepared to be read soon. So every next time, you happen to be in such mind-boggling anxiety, just calm down and take it easy. Random visit to your nearest library, evening tea with friends or chat over latest bestsellers can so easily light up your day. And to your surprise, you might be carrying a copy of your next read as you tread back home. Because, at the end of the day, it’s a good book that assures a peaceful sleep for its reader.

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