Mobile Apps for a Book Lover

Being in books business makes me a little aware of what’s ‘in’ when it comes to the book world. And being a technology savvy person, I do feel inclined to connect technology to the book world. And as my company has already ventured into selling books online, it makes it a must for me to do a post on this topic.

Whoa… That was some reasoning. 😉 Anyway, talking about technology and books as one, I’m here going to throw some light on a few famous applications for mobile that are going to please the bookworm in you.

So, starting off… first in the list is the one and only Kindle. This Amazon’s insanely popular reader is the most talked about app for the booklovers. A vast library at your fingertips… I’m sure this idea does things to many booklovers. Also, the amazing thing here is that it’s a multi-platform application; which means you can sync everything on all of your devices. Isn’t it great?

Next in the list is Aldiko Book Reader. This one is the most well-thought app that any book-lover can ask for. This free book reader has so many amazing features that make it a must-have application. Its user interface lets you adjust fonts, background colours, and other options, which can really enhance your reading experience. Not to forget the night-time reading option that makes reading at night a little easier. Other features that are equally useful are tagging and bookmarking, dictionary support, and a global text search that helps you look up words, without leaving the app. Easy, huh?

Now talking about those who are a bit social in the online world, here’s what is must for you: Goodreads. This one is a social networking site for bookworms. And good for you it’s considered the world’s largest social network for avid readers and book lovers. Whether you want to know about the latest bestselling books or you want to interact with other booklovers or read/post book reviews, this is a must-have app for you. And the barcode scanner feature is a plus-point here. You can use this functionality to add any book to your list in no time. I’m sure many of you must have already decided to download it. 😉

I think we’ve done too much of reading for today… haven’t we? Well, then stop reading and start listening. Yes! Audible is the app for you if you are even one bit interested. This app gives you the benefit of audio books. Apart from endless audio books, this app also gives you the option of bookmarking and social media integration. And there are also other features like sleep mode, button-free mode, and the play-as-you-download functionality. Quite an awesome app for booklovers, I must say.

So, these are a few apps that can be a real treat for any booklover. What do you say?

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