What Makes A Book A Best Seller?

Are bestsellers the books that sell best, or simply mean the best? Or they are the ones that don’t easily fall into the hit classic cannon of literature. Strolling along roads, we happen to find a similar bountiful collection with every next hawker. Be it Aravind Adiga’s The White Tiger, or Jhumpa Lahiri’s Unaccustomed Earth, what’s that one thing that makes a book instant best seller? With several examples in view, it goes without saying that authors are not the ultimate agents in-charge behind every to-be bestseller.

Renowned writers like Salman Rushdie and T.S. Eliot are known for their matchless works, but somehow stand alienated from the popular domain of “easy reading”. That brings us to the second and the most important issue in concern: Readability. Every person who buys a novel, whether based on his own interest or post recommendation, is susceptible to a mixed response. Intellectual readers are particularly fond of fine writings that demand a prior knowledge of diverse issues. So While Sunday at Tiffany’s might be the best pick for someone who’s not into habitual reading, others with a more refined taste might discard it over Sea of Poppies or Atlas Shrugged. Although all three have been in the bestsellers list, still response varied due to their uncommon readership. In this regard, readability sets the right tone and mood for readers in a majority of cases.

A well-structured plot may not hit the masses directly because of its complex narration and language. On the contrary, an average routine happening might touch millions with its ease and connecting narrative style. Thus, books may not necessarily make a great release at the outset, but become popular through word-of-mouth and eventually sell enough copies to achieve bestseller status even if they never appear on any bestseller lists.

Streamlining things, if we are to categorize few factors that make bestsellers, predominantly, these would include, a strong connecting plot, excellent execution through language and familiarity and last but not the least, ease and accessibility for the reader.

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